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Switzerland is the world´s financial epicenter. We want to drive its innovation, change and inspiration. We teamed up to create synergies, support each other and enjoy the exciting startup ride together!


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  • 22.02.2016: SFS get-together @ Lima Bar in cooperation with nexussquared | Registration

  • 09.03.2016: SFS meets Finance 2.0 | Registration
  • SFS startups, sponsors and supporters will get a special discount in due course

  • 31.03.2016: SFS meets Swiss Fintech Award | Registration
  • We will try to get a discount for SFS members for the conference as well as the the award night

  • 21.04.2016: SFS War Stories (Startups-only) | Registration and location to be announced

  • 02.05.2016: SFS meets Berne (in Zurich) | Registration and location to be announced
  • Block your calendar in the afternoon, we have someone very special coming that day :)

  • May 2016: SFS meets Wealth Menagement 2.0 | Registration and location to be announced

  • June 2016: SFS meets Insurance 2.0 | Registration and location to be announced

  • 09.06.2016: SFS summer party | Registration and location to be announced

  • 30.06.2016: SFS meets "Wake up call mission" to London | Registration and location to be announced

  • 31.08.2016: SFS Politics Panel #2 | Registration and location to be announced

  • September 2016: SFS meets Digital Festival Zurich at Crypto 2.0 | Registration and location to be announced

  • October 2016: Fintech Night Zurich | Registration and location to be announced

  • 17.11.2016: SFS War Stories (Startups-only) | Registration and location to be announced

We will publish the exact dates on Facebook and on our website.


  • 26.10.2015: Fintech Night @ Plaza (Download Roland Berger's Fintech Study here)

  • 22.09.2015: Networking Event @ Swisscom Business Campus

  • 18.08.2015: Networking Event @ Impact Hunb Zürich

  • 23.06.2015: Networking Event @ Knip AG

  • 12.05.2015: Networking Event @

  • 17.03.2015: Networking Event (Download Presentation and Template)

  • 03.02.2015: Networking Event @

  • 26.08.2014: Bratwurst Pitch (Download the Pitch-Slides here)

  • 19.06.2014: First Swiss Finance Startups Get Together

Event Sponsor 2015

Swisscom FinTech Supporter


The digitalisation of the financial industry is just taking off. We as Swiss Finance startups are at the forefront of this change. The SFS wants to foster the common Swiss startup spirit, support the exchange of ideas as well as industry know-how and help to educate the outside, non-startup, world about our brilliant ventures.


Better together - the SFS is a great community of like-minded people who believe in making the financial lives of our customers easier.


We create new experiences for our users and think our ideas should be heard. The SFS is the point of contact for journalists interested in Swiss Finance startups.


Outside the startup scene, our entrepreneurial work is barely known. We show Switzerland that there is a young ecosystem besides to CS, UBS and AXA.


Don´t fall into the same trap! Startups are about taking risks, learning fast and avoiding mistakes - we support each other and grow together.


Christina Kehl

Christina is the initiator of the SFS and a passionate entrepreneur believing in change through innovation. She also is the Co-Founder and COO of Knip.

Gian Reto à Porta

Gian is the CEO of Contovista, a founding member of the SFS and always on the look-out for new innovative Swiss Finance startups.

Urs Haeusler

Urs is the CEO of DealMarket. He has a strong start-up track record and is very passionate about strengthening the Swiss Fintech network.

Thomas Brändle

Thomas is the CEO and founder of Run my Accounts AG. He believes Finance 2.0 is a huge opportunity as well for the financial sector as for many startups.


Marc P. Bernegger

FinTech Investor, Venture Partner at Orange Growth Capital

Guillaume Dubray

Managing Partner at Polytech Ventures

Guido Müller

General Manager Switzerland at MasterCard

Ben Robinson

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Temenos

Ralph Mogicato

Investor and Senior Advisor

Andreas Kubli

Head Multichannel Management and Digitization UBS Switzerland

Andreas Dietrich

Professor for Banking and Finance

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The SFS is a non-profit organisation run and organised by the ventures involved.

Please do get in touch if
you are a journalist and are curious about the digital change in Switzerland
you are a cool Finance startup and want to challenge your business model
you are an investor and are looking for awesome investment opportunities
you are just you and are interested in how the financial world of Switzerland will look like in a few years time.